places to visit in jakarta

Seriously, What‘s there to carry out in Jakarta? That question has brought us a while to answer. Jakarta is definitely an incredibly tough city to obtain to understand. Measuring 662 square kilometers and consisting of over 30 million people (inside the greater Jakarta area ) exploring this megacity may be a daunting task – and which goes for tourists and newbie expats, like myself. As someone who has got lived in Jakarta for 11 months, I’ve learned how very little information exists about tourist attractions here. And that’s especially true in case you don’t speak bahasa Indonesia. Inside my experience, finding things you can do in Jakarta is type of difficult.

9 fun & weird things you can do in Jakarta :

1Pasar Santa

Pasar Santa

Pasar Santa is basically the new hot spot in Jakarta, and for me it’s a must visit. Pasar Santa is really a standard indoor market but in 2014 Jakarta’s young entrepreneurs had the genius concept of renting out its cheap stalls to house their startup businesses. Today Pasar Santa is stuffed with a large number of trendy eateries, vinyl record stores, vintage clothing shops and cool coffee lounges. It’s probably the only real place in town where one can find things as a vegan sandwich shop, a Mexican cantina and also a funky hot dog stand. Pasar Santa is that the epitome of cool and also a excellent spot attend eat and do many people watching. (For any more in-depth post about Pasar Santa head here. )



A visit to Monas (the National Monument ) has become the primary tourist attraction in Jakarta. Monas opened in 1975 and serves like a symbol of Indonesia’s independence. It‘s known to provide perhaps one of the best views in town. With an admission fee of Rp 15, 000 ($1. 25 USD ), there’s no excuse for not visiting the iconic monument. The observation deck is open daily from 8am-3pm (It‘s closed the final Monday of each and every month ).

Located right next to Monas is that the National Museum. If you’re visiting the Monas observation deck, admission towards the National Museum is already included with your ticket.

3Kota Tua (Old Town)

Kota Tua (Old Town)

Aside from Monas, the Dutch colonial district of Kota Tua is that the one other tourist attraction I‘d been mindful of when I first visited Jakarta in 2014. This section of town boasts beautiful buildings leftover coming from the Dutch. Due to the riots in 1998 much from the area remains pretty rundown, but for me it makes Kota Tua all of the more fascinating.

Kota Tua is a superb place to steer around, check out the old buildings and sample some street food. There‘s also a couple of museums that provide a decent understanding of Jakarta’s history. In case you visit on the Sunday (like I did ) the square will certainly be crammed with Indonesians. The scene was slightly bizarre, complete with magic shows and other people dressed in Halloween costumes (look closely at the image above )

4Istiqlal Mosque & Jakarta Cathedral

Istiqlal Mosque & Jakarta Cathedral

It feels like there will be literally mosques on every street corner in Jakarta. But what defines Istiqlal Mosque special is it’s the biggest mosque in Southeast Asia. It opened in 1978 in commemoration of Indonesia’s independence, hence it’s name (istiqlal means “independence” ). It’s also possible to rearrange free guided tours from the grounds.

Istiqlal Mosque was build directly across the road from Jakarta Cathedral in an effort to represent the tolerance between religions in Indonesia. The neo-gothic cathedral dates to 1901 and it‘s definitely worth a visit. Both of those structures are located a brief walk from Monas and Merdeka square.

5Pasar Baru

Pasar Baru

Dating to 1820, Pasar Baru is that the oldest market in Jakarta. The pedestrian-only shopping area is stuffed with vendors hawking fabrics, vintage cameras and fresh flowers. Additionally it is home to some diverse mixture of Javanese, Indian and Chinese so it’s the ideal place to visit sample all kinds of amazing Indonesian street foods. It was eventually filled with Indonesians there was no shortage of street food. A little bit of advice towards the wise…do not eat before you decide to go here.

Pasar Baru is likewise lined with many of the city’s older buildings. You’ll notice that a lot of remain damaged coming from the riots in 1998. It’s a historical and truly fascinating section of town. Pasar Baru is located within walking distance from Monas and also the Jakarta Cathedral.

6Skye Bar

Skye Bar

Located in the guts from the city and surrounded by Jakarta’s modern skyscrapers, the rooftop bar for this 57-story building is supposedly home to the very best view in town. Jakarta may not be the foremost beautiful city on this planet but when one thinks of skylines, Jakarta’s is ridiculously picturesque.

7Sunda Kelapa Port

Sunda Kelapa Port

Because Jakarta is such a huge city, sometimes I forget that it’s actually located upon the ocean. After living here for nearly a year I’ve only glimpsed the ocean twice, and that is why you must be so excited each time a friend suggested we have a drive towards the harbor.

8Glodok (Jakarta’s Chinatown )

Glodok (Jakarta’s Chinatown )

The chaotic and maze-like marketplace is made up of narrow alleyways lined with food carts, temples and hawker stalls, selling from incense to electronics to traditional snacks.