Indonesia Visa and Passport Requirements

Indonesia Visa and Passport Requirements

Passports: To enter Indonesia, a passport valid for at least six months from the date of entry is required by all nationals referred to in the chart above. Visas: Visas are not required by nationals referred to...
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13 Interesting Facts About Jakarta

Do you know jakarta is best destination in asia, jakarta have many history that name. Jakarta is Indonesia’s busiest destination when it comes to both tourism and commerce. Let’s understand some interesting information about the...
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Indonesian Independence day 17th Celebration With Tourism

The festive Indonesian Independence day 71 was felt in every corner of the alley settlement. Usually they hold various competitions. Travelers in Jalan Jaksa was anstusias watch, and even more people joined the race. Competition...
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How to go to Jakarta From Bali By Train, Bus And Ferry

From Bali To Jakarta By Train, Bus And Ferry For the following section of our travels we decided to bring the scenic route from Bali to Jakarta. The journey involved a taxi from our hotel...

A Girl’s Survival Guide to Traveling to Jakarta

It’s important to remember that Indonesia is a big and diverse country. And Jakarta is way different than Bali when it comes to both culture and religion. It’s perfectly acceptable to wear sundresses and...
17 August 1945 is the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia

17 August 1945 is the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia

17 August 1945 is that the Independence Day from the Republic of Indonesia. We wish the folks of Indonesia a Happy Independence Day. Indonesia, on Wednesday, is all geared as much as celebrate its 71st Independence...
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Top 10 Best Indonesian Food You Must Eat

There‘s actually more to Indonesian food than Nasi Goreng. Yes you heard me right. There‘s such a lot to Indonesian cuisine that providing you with a Top 10 Must Eat is almost impossible, however...

Top Things To Do in Jakarta

Shopping in Jakarta If shopping will be your thing, Jakarta offers plenty from high end to budget shopping from malls to markets. Recommended Shopping malls or shopping centers or markets in Jakarta : Plaza Indonesia of...

Top Must See Tourist Attractions in Jakarta

If you‘re only in Jakarta for each day or perhaps a week or even more, there will be bound to become places appealing for you. Jakarta is stuffed with sightseeing and tourist attractions, many...


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