Militants launched multiple terror attacks in central Jakarta on Thursday (14 January). Authorities reported six dead, including four of the attackers. The attackers set off explosions at a Starbucks cafe in a bustling shopping area in the Indonesian capital, and waged running gun-battles with police.

But in this incident there are moment that are very funny from citizens. below in are funny things when the incident occurred.

1Boiled peanuts trader

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As there are no significant events around him, for the Father is essential crowded, sell merchandise and abundant good fortune today. Kacang kacang “peanut’ .. .. still Hot..

2A girl and a boy who enjoy Selfie

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For these guys and girls are essential to exist, now its time selfie you know, I’ll look contemporary, girl and this guy looks very happy selfie’s at the scene of suicide bombing Thamrin .. For him the important exist, does not matter if there is a bullet to the head

3Tofu trader

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Tarahu, Tarahu .. Mango Mango Sweet sweet .. .. that sentences are pronounced mas this one. Fun around hawking wares .. Mas is already accustomed to crowded situations or many crowds.


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Father focus on sate, if blurred vision might be burnt satay, satay important for him not be brought home .. no matter want no bomb, there was meteor want .. important satay sold.

5TNI members Liking Turns Mango

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Finally there is a buy also mango, mango seller chirped in my heart, It goes around. Mr. TNI may not stand to see that look sweet mango and mengugah taste of mango itinerant merchant or perhaps pity to see artisan mango around but no one has bought.