From Bali To Jakarta By Train, Bus And Ferry

For the following section of our travels we decided to bring the scenic route from Bali to Jakarta. The journey involved a taxi from our hotel towards the bus station in Denpasar, a bus after that to Gilimanuk, a ferry to Ketapang / Banyuwangi (Java ), a train to Surabaya, and lastly a train to Jakarta. This journey could be completed in one go, however we decided to interrupt it up and stop on the way.

From Hotel to Ubung Bus Station

We got a taxi for the very first section of the journey, and once communicating with some locals we opted to bring a Bluebird Taxi, as We‘re told that it was the foremost reliable and honest taxi company in Denpasar. We booked the taxi via email, and located this to become a very efficient method to book. The taxi arrived a couple of minutes early, and also the driver was very polite and professional, which is typically not the case in SE Asia. It took around 20-30 minutes to arrive at the bus station and value around 42, 000 IDR ($3. 75 ).

From Denpasar To Gilimanuk By Bus

After such a pleasing taxi ride, I suppose it was eventually an excessive amount to question to in addition have a good bus experience. Once we arrived at Ubung Bus Station, We‘re instantly surrounded by a gaggle of men who wanted to understand where We‘re going. This really is never a very good sign. They insisted on carrying our bags the same short distance towards the buses – at no cost, in fact. Also usually not a very good sign. In fact, That They‘d the most suitable bus for those – the foremost expensive one there.

They wanted 180, 000 IDR ($16 ) each for any ticket to Gilimanuk. We‘d read that it was eventually lower than that to obtain a combined bus and train ticket all of the method to Surabaya, so we declined their offer. We then asked around to discover if there have been other options. The matter was that there have been so some people that wanted to “help” us that‘s was all very confusing. So we asked in the small ticket offices and were quoted 50, 000 IDR ($4. 50 ) for any local bus and 100, 000 IDR ($9 ) for the aircon bus with toilet.

While We‘re discussing which bus to obtain, another “helpful” person said the 100, 000 IDR bus wasn’t actually visiting where we wanted to reach, however that another bus was. So we checked that bus, and it was eventually 75, 000 IDR ($6. 70 ) including the ferry crossing to Banyuwangi. This apparently had aircon and toilet, but looked plenty older. We‘re now thoroughly confused, but nonetheless kept getting hassled to obtain the various buses. What decided it for those could be that the 75, 000 IDR bus was actually close to leave, so we got regarding that. It left at 13 : 15.

It was eventually a little chaotic to start with, because leaving meant driving all around the corner after which stopping to await more passengers. Then driving around another corner to await a couple of more. It eventually got going at 14 : 00.

The 4-hour journey was mostly along very hilly and winding roads, and also the bus kept overtaking lorries at what didn’t seem like very safe places. I’d think about the bus driving fairly dangerous, but it’s what I’ve arrived at expect in several elements of SE Asia. After a few hours we needed to make use of the toilet, but discovered the section behind that looked as a toilet was actually a little storage room.

It appeared as if it could happen to be a toilet during the past, although not any more. So what needs to be done? We asked the assistants and also the driver, but their English wasn’t good sufficient to understand. Eventually we stopped at an area where a building were knocked down, but nonetheless had an outside toilet, so we‘d to make use of that. But it was eventually a squat toilet with no door. This wasn’t mentioned inside the brochures I read about beautiful Bali.

We‘d read that there‘s a new bus station in Denpasar called Mengwi, which all large buses now depart after that and never Ubung. However that isn’t the case in the least. There have been about 10-15 large buses in Ubung station, and a lot of passengers. Our bus stopped at Mengwi station, though there weren’t other buses there, so we only saw a couple of people sitting around. I believe these were the bemo drivers and never passengers. So despite the things you read, I would recommend you employ Ubung bus station.

Gilimanuk To Banyuwangi By Ferry

Eventually we need to Gilimanuk and on your ferry. The bus ticket included the ferry crossing, so we didn’t need to purchase a ticket to the crossing. The ferries cross every 15-30 mins, 24 hours each day, and also the crossing takes around 45-60 minutes.

The upper deck from the ferry is fairly small, and lots of people there have been smoking. Though there was an inferior aircon room that would be a no smoking area. There was also a little cafe upon the upper deck that sold tea, coffee, pot noodles along with other snacks. A number of food sellers also came on your bus once we got upon the ferry. There was also a man having a guitar that sang and picked up money. He played once we got upon the bus and again once the ferry arrived in Ketapang, which happens to be the ferry terminal next towards the small village of Banyuwangi.

Like the ferry arrives, have the ear of a view of Ijen volcano. We did a tour of Ijen which included walking down straight into the crater of the active volcano. We got from the bus in the ferry terminal and got a bemo to our hotel, the Ketapang Indah Hotel, where we stayed for four nights. The hotel is about 2-3 km coming from the ferry terminal. Banyuwangi train station is about 100-200 meters coming from the ferry terminal. Just turn right while you leave the harbour exit, and also the station will certainly be in your left, just a little further along.

Banyuwangi To Surabaya By Train

There will be two trains each day for this route. We got the 08 : 30 train, which arrived in Surabaya at 14 : 56. Another train leaves at 22 : 00 and arrives at 04 : 20. Something you need you‘ll want to know is you have showing your passport whenever you purchase a train ticket. In case you don’t have your passport along with you, you’ll get turned away. You will need to entertain passport whenever you arrive in the station to obtain the train.

You are able to either travel Eksekutif class (1st class ) or Bisnis class (2nd class ). The ticket prices vary counting on whenever you buy them as well as what tickets are left. We paid 100, 000 IDR ($9 ) each for Bisinis class tickets. Eksekutif class tickets were 140, 000 IDR ($12. 50 ). You will get up-to-date train times and ticket prices at Kerati Api.

This train is the greatest We‘ve traveled on in your trip around SE Asia. It’s not as much as European standards, however the train was very clean and also the staff helpful and well-presented. We even experienced a porter who carried our bags on your train and showed us to our seats.

The Bisinis class carriages have double seats, which I’ve never seen on the train. The seats are fairly comfortable and maybe have a small shelf towards the left to carry cups. But there’s no seatback tray like on other trains.

Also next towards the seat is definitely an electrical socket, and that is helpful for charging your mobile phone or laptop. Even most European trains I’ve been on didn’t have one of these simple.

Just like many SE Asian trains, there would be a squat toilet. These may take some getting designed to for a lot of.

Throughout the journey, food and drinks were brought around often, and also the food was served on proper plates. This really is also something which you don’t usually see on trains. You might order other food and drinks which they then brought within your seat.

We wanted to make use of a Bluebird Taxi to bring us to our hotel, but couldn’t see one in the station. So we got a Nurimas Taxi instead. Big mistake. The driver told us that he would utilize the meter, however claimed the minimum charge was 35, 000 IDR ($3. 10 ), and didn’t bother by using the meter. So he lied just to obtain us inside the car. I later found out that the value should identified 20, 000 IDR ($1. 80 ). I don’t really care about paying the extra but don’t like feeling that I’ve been ripped off and lied to. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this taxi company. I asked perhaps one of the women in the hotel relating to this taxi company, and she said “no, no, no, don’t use them, very bad”.

I’ve since found out the Bluebird Taxis are parked just outside the station exit, so I’d advise getting among those. We used them during Surabaya and that they always used the meters. I’ve found them to be able to be very reliable and honest, and lots of locals have told me that they‘re the very best taxi company.

For our particular two nights in Surabaya, we stayed at Family Guest House, which turned out to become a great choice.

Surabaya To Jakarta By Train

We bought our tickets for that train from Surabaya Gubeng train station (that was near our hotel ), however the train left from Surabaya Pasarturi train station. So ensure you’re in the correct station, because trains to Jakarta depart from both of those stations. We paid 450, 000 IDR ($40 ) each for our particular Eksekutif class tickets. The journey is typically around 10 hours, so we wanted to travel in comfort.

Once we bought our train tickets in Banyuwangi, we both had showing our passports. But this point we‘d to fill inside a ticket reservation form, which seemed just a little strange. We didn’t need to show our passports when buying the tickets, however we did need to demonstrate to them once we arrived in the station to catch the train. So there’s no consistency in buying tickets at different stations. So all I will advise will be prepared.

Taxi From Jakarta Gambir Station

To obtain coming from the station to our hotel we took a Bluebird taxi from outside the station. Leave the station via the north exit after which turn right. You’ll see a Bluebird taxi stand about 20 meters away. You have to pay 5, 000 IDR ($0. 45 ) to book the taxi. You’ll then be given a ticket having a queue number. Once your taxi arrives you’ll need to pay another 5, 000 IDR to leave from the station, after which the metered taxi fare at the conclusion of your exciting journey. It cost 18, 000 IDR ($1. 60 ) to obtain to our hotel, that was around 2-3 km away.

Additional taxis outside the station, but I’d advise sticking towards the Bluebird taxis, as these are the type that almost all Indonesians trust, and also the ones that I’ve always had a very good experience with.

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