The festive welcome Indonesian Independence day 71_01

The festive Indonesian Independence day 71 was felt in every corner of the alley settlement. Usually they hold various competitions. Travelers in Jalan Jaksa was anstusias watch, and even more people joined the race.

Competition tujuhbelasan typical example panjat pinang, balap karung, balap kelereng to race eating crackers. And followed by almost all citizens of both children, adolescents and the elderly. They dissolve into laughter and happy.

It turns out not only Indonesian citizens who celebrate independence, foreign tourists (tourists) who was visiting too late happy to participate in various competitions. This scene appears in Jalan Jaksa, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (17/08/2016).

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As Keke, tourists from California who followed the balab karung. Keke was deeply interested to participate in this race and feel happy. “I am so excited. I am happy, “he said excitedly Keke.

[easy-tweet tweet=”Likewise perceived, Fabian French. He managed to be the fastest time of the race eating crackers. “It’s wonderfull, i am so happy. I love Indonesia, “said Fabian who came to Indonesia with her partner.” via=”no” hashtags=”YesJakarta, JakartaLocalGuide, JakartaTourGuide”]

The race welcome independence in the way of foreign tourists Attorney followed the main attraction for tourists to come