jakarta tour guides

Do you know jakarta is best destination in asia, jakarta have many history that name. Jakarta is Indonesia’s busiest destination when it comes to both tourism and commerce. Let’s understand some interesting information about the biggest city of Indonesia, Jakarta.

1Name of Jakarta – Naming History of Jakarta

Jakarta was not always known as Jakarta. It had changed its name five times before finally sticking to the name Jakarta. It was known as Sunda Kelpa from year 397 to 1527. Then from the 1527 to 1619 it was known Jayakarta. Then in 1619 in was named Batavia and remained so till 1942. Again in 1942 it was changed to Djakarta. Finally in 1972 it got its present name Jakarta.

2Jakarta: The city which is not a city but also province

The capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta Isn‘t a city officially. It‘s actually a province. However it had gained the special status from being the capital of Republic of Indonesia.

3The 13th largest city

Comparing geographically, Jakarta occupy the proud position being the 13th largest city inside the whole world. It‘s so large that its metro area has its own special name : Jabodetabek. Inside the year 2016, its population is recorded to become greater than 10 million !

4Indonesia’s Big Apple

When one thinks of fast paced growth only a few cities in the planet could be compared with New York and that is fondly referred to as The Big Apple. Jakarta’s fast paced growth has caused it to be the Indonesian equivalent of The Big Apple and hence this city is fondly called The Big Durian.

5The 150 cm sunk

During the last decade Jakarta city had faced a variety of natural calamities and hence the city’s depth had now sunk by 150 centimeters !
Natural calamity : Honey ! I sunk Jakarta.
Source : inacraft. co. id

6Jakarta still has Dutch remains

Before the word war II Indonesia would be a Dutch colony there still remains some past historical facts during this country. Such as the Dutch cannons which still occupy a proud position inside the old town of Jakarta.

7Blackberry Lovers

Residents of Jakarta are huge Blackberry lovers. No, not the juicy fruit, Blackberry. They‘re actually crazy about Blackberry phone. The majority of folks of Jakarta own two phones from which is Blackberry !

8The Tweeting City

A survey made by Semiocast inside the year 2012 has revealed Jakarta, Indonesia to become perhaps one of the world’s most active Twitter cities. Twitter is so insanely popular in Jakarta that in 2015 Twitter had officially opened one among its offices during this capital city!

9Jingle all of the way

The city of Jakarta had made the classic Christmas song become a reality. The only real variation is together with the jingle there are a lot of other musical sounds which may be heard through the entire city. Gamelan music and that is made by numerous drums, gongs, xylophones and hand played instrument, kendhang, could be heard all all around the pedestrian streets and parks through the entire city !

10Crazy Shoppers

Jakarta individuals are crazy shoppers. They adore to visit their shopping malls such a lot the malls are open 24 / 7. There will be about 130 shopping malls scattered all over Jakarta city.

11Extreme Traffic Jam

Jakarta often suffers extreme traffic congestion and throughout the rush hour ‘three to one’ rule is applied. Consistent with this rule during rush hour nobody can drive a car with lower than three passengers !

Never believe on Google map timing while travelling in Jakarta like a 1 hour trip can anytime become 3 – 4 hour nightmare on road here.

12Chomp chomp chomp

Jakartans loves to consume. Their adore for food is so extreme that nearly every meeting happens in restaurant. Also, restaurants and street vendors are open in the least time i. e. 24 x 7. Beside consistent with local people street food is far better than any 5 star restaurants.

13Thousand Islands of Jakarta

If you‘re visiting Jakarta you then must intend to visit the Thousand Islands and that is located inside the coast of Jakarta. It‘s a cluster of 76 coral islands where one can dive or go snorkeling. Don’t miss the fishes and check out to spot as much as possible. In the end there aren‘t any lower than 144 varieties of fishes in Thousand Islands.