jakarta tourism safetyIt’s important to remember that Indonesia is a big and diverse country. And Jakarta is way different than Bali when it comes to both culture and religion. It’s perfectly acceptable to wear sundresses and tank tops in Bali, but that’s not really the case in Jakarta.

The island of Java is very traditionally Muslim. You can expect to hear the call to prayer five times a day and see women walking around in headscarves. That being said, as a foreigner you’re not expected to wear a headscarf but you should dress modestly.

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How you should dress depends on which part of the city you’re visiting and where exactly you’re going. If you’re sightseeing around town or visiting a kampung make sure your shoulders and knees are covered. Get use wear long pants and a t-shirt, Be safety.

But if you’re visiting one of Jakarta’s mega malls, international restaurants or nightclubs, you can let loose a little bit (or a lot).