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  1. Arriving and leaving
  2. Where to stay?
  3. Restaurants and Street Food
  4. Several of my personal favorite Indonesian dishes :


Jakarta is never a city travelers are excited about visiting.

And that’s exactly why I wanted to invest 3 full weeks in Jakarta, exploring the city, eating incredibly delicious Indonesian food, and merely experiencing “the Big Durian. ”

Contrary to a lot of travel guides that say something down the lines of “get from Jakarta as fast as possible, ” I found Jakarta to become a fantastic city, filled with life, friendly people, diversity, and also a near infinite level of delicious food.

That’s to not say Jakarta is hassle free, It‘s its share of problems and crazy traffic, but when you’re up for it, Jakarta will reward you with some unforgettable meals and smiles.

Let’s get started…

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Arriving and leaving

If you’re flying into Jakarta with an international flight, you’ll probably arrived at Soekarno–Hatta International Airport, located in west Jakarta.

To arrive at the center from the city, it’s easiest to leap into your taxi – I might recommend Blue Bird company – and go straight to your hotel or wherever you’re staying. The fare by taxi should cost about 120, 000 – 150, 000 Rupiah coming from the airport to the middle of Jakarta.

When you exit baggage claim, discover a line for Blue Bird, there is a little stand somewhere by having an official who provides you a queue number for any taxi.

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Where to Stay?

Jakarta is really a massively spread out city, and if you have something you must do in a particular area, it’s a very good idea in which to stay that area. At my three week remain Jakarta, I stayed in a few different areas from the city, to obtain a feel for additional parts from the city.

Generally, I might say the very best area of Jakarta in which to stay is like a traveler is central Jakarta, either just south from the National Monument (Kebon Sirih ) or just simply north from the National Monument (Hayam Wuruk as much as Mangga Besar ).

Here are a few hotels I might recommend :

  • Hotel Santika Premiere Hayam Wuruk – Newly built and really modern, Hotel Santika Premiere Hayam Wuruk is section of an area Indonesian hotel brand. My spouse and I paid about $45 USD per night so we stayed for every week. It was eventually quite a very good value hotel, and also the location, right on Hayam Wuruk and Mangga Besar is excellent. Lots of delicious food inside the area.
  • Veranda Hotel – In an effort to experience a totally different side of Jakarta, in the guts of South Jakarta inside an area called Gandaria, my spouse and I checked straight into the Veranda Hotel. The hotel is new and really nice. The web was blazing fast, there a pleasant mall right all around the corner. As well as on surface of that, there’s lots of excellent Indonesian food (less Chinese food ) inside the area. The only real thing is, it’s a little removed from the middle of Jakarta, although not really bad. Overall, a good place to remain.

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Restaurants and Street Food

Indonesia is really a country that’s made up of over 17, 000 islands. Its not all the strategies are inhabited, though there remain many which are, and therefore the diversity of individuals, culture, and different foods is astounding. Perhaps one of the best reasons for eating in Jakarta is, being the biggest and the majority influential capital city of Indonesia, people derive from all different islands, and thus you’ll have the ability to discover food from all over Indonesia somewhere in Jakarta.

Sometimes when I‘d been eating at street food stalls and restaurants inside the city, I hardly even knew what island or culture cuisine I‘d been eating, until finishing my meal and doing some research – and that’s an excellent thing, because there’s numerous different varieties of Indonesian food.

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There will be two frequent kinds of street food available in Jakarta :

  • Warung – A warung typically refers to a little family run restaurant, often in a little shelter style building, but it’s typically a permanent place instead of a mobile street food cart.
  • Pedagang kaki lima – Literally meaning a five feet trader, pedagang kaki lima is really a term used to explain street food carts in Indonesia. Typical carts have two wheels, a leg stand, after which the 2 legs from the vendor, making five legs in total. You’ll find all kinds of amazing things to consume from street food vendors in Jakarta, starting from curries and sate, to deep fried snacks and gado gado.


These are generally the 2 main varieties of dining I focused on at my amount of in time Jakarta, and together with having some seriously delicious food, I additionally found that most of the sellers, at both local warung’s and street food stalls were very friendly and kind.

A few of my favorite Indonesian dishes

Several of my personal favorite Indonesian dishes :

For any more complete collection of Indonesian food in Jakarta, see my full guide (coming soon ), however this is simply a brief overview of some of my personal favorites.

  1. Nasi Padang – Ever since visiting the island of Sumatra in 2010, I’ve been just a little obsessed with food originating in Padang, a province upon the west coast of Sumatra. Whenever you eat Nasi Padang it’s a full meal of a number of different curries, prepared with many fresh herbs and spices, coconut milk, and many of chilies. Nasi Padang is just one of my personal favorite meals in the planet.
  2. Nasi uduk – Nasi uduk, rice cooked with coconut milk and a couple of fragrant spices, is commonly found throughout Jakarta. It could be served with a number of different deep fried things, like deep fried chicken and tofu, with sambal chili sauce, or it could be served with a number of different local curries and side dishes. The rice is so great and fragrant.
  3. Soto Betawi – Soto is that the word used to explain a soup, and nearly every region of Indonesia has their very own version of soto. Soto Betawi is from the folks native to Jakarta, so it’s true Jakartan food. The soup is sometimes just a little creamy, made with beef, and eaten with rice, and achar pickles. It’s an absolutely must eat Indonesian food in Jakarta.
  4. Woku – Woku is really a dish from Manado, inside the northern section of Sulawesi, that’s known for serving spicy and full flavor food. I liked nearly every Manado dish I‘d been able to undertake, however the woku, a blend of aromatic herbs and spices like turmeric, ginger, lemon basil, shallots, and tomatoes, all mixed and pounded along side fish (maybe else ), was one dish that I couldn’t get over. It’s an amazing dish to consume.
  5. Sop kaki kambing – Referred to as goat leg or feet soup, but could include all kinds of random goat organs also, sop kaki kambing is definitely an Indonesian food dish which for goat lovers. The dish is commonly served at warung’s, and you also often choose any parts from the goat you want, they‘re going to slice them up into your bowl, mix it with soup, and it’s eaten with rice and pickles.
  6. Ikan bakar – I absolutely adore the way in which fish is grilled in Indonesia. They frequently begin by butterfly cutting, to ensure that there’s a maximum surface area for both the sambal marinade and also the charcoal. When the fish is slightly blacked coming from the high fire grilled process, it’s then served with fresh lime (or calamansi ), and eaten with either sambal chili sauce, or kecap manis (sweet soy sauce ) and diced chilies.
  7. Gado gado – Probably the most common Jakarta street food dishes is gado gado, a salad of vegetables and rice cakes (lontong ), all coated inside a thick and creamy peanut sauce. Gado gado tend to make an excellent light meal, or perhaps a snack, and you’ll especially see it being sold throughout Jakarta from mobile street food carts.
  8. Sate Padang – Trying sate Padang, again coming from the Padang province of Sumatra in Indonesia, for the very first time was an enormous surprise. It just honestly didn’t look everything good. But I‘d been in for any flavor explosion givenfor my first skewer – the spice blend coated on your meat just protruded with spices like cumin and turmeric, and also the sauce just sort or melted all around the meat. The crispy shallots on top added an additional touch. An amazing dish you’ve got to undertake, completely differ from other variations of Indonesian sate.
  9. Ayam bakar taliwang – Originating coming from the island of Lombok, ayam bakar is a kind of grilled small baby chicken that’s known for being chili filled and spicy. They normally use country chickens, which are very small, but very flavorful inside a natural type of tasting way, and also have slightly chewy texture. The chicken are marinated and grilled with an option of powerful chili sambal caked all over them. Eating ayam bakar Taliwang was slightly of the life changing grilled chicken experience for myself.
  10. Sambal – I couldn’t make an Indonesian favorite food list without including sambal, any sort of different chili based sauce or garnish. You’ll be eating sambal with nearly every meal you‘ve in Indonesia, and no two are identical. There should be lots and lots of different sambal versions, even some families have their very own unique one, and it also provides extraordinary flavor to only everything.

These are generally just some of the dishes and meals you are able to eat in Jakarta. There are a lot of others also, but this can be a start of some of my favorites.