about governor jakarta 2017

What would be the main issues that will be discussed in 2017 Jakarta gubernatorial election?

1. Troubleshooter/ Fixer

Jakarta is high density urban area with abundance problems. The classic problems are annual flood, traffic jam, and bureaucracy. Anybody who able to fix the first problem, flood, highly likely will be choosen by the Jakartans. A city with 9 millions people at night, and 13 millions people at day, it needs huge resources such clean water and mass rapid transportation to support the life and mobility. 80% of the population will choose the first option, a fixer governor.

2. Popularity

20% of the population still buying race, ethnicity, religion, and faction, as aspects to be considered to choose government leadership. By the level of stress among Jakartans, highly unlikely they will choose second option to be considered. Jakartans are high level literacy and mostly rational voters.