Jakarta’s culinary scene is highly competitive, the city is home to thousand of good restaurants spread all over the city. We selected below 10 restaurants that have been standing out for their food quality and creativity.


Located at the ground floor of Oakwood Premier Cozmo in Mega Kuningan, Loewy is one of the most trendy restaurants in Jakarta.

It has an unique design: the restaurant is home to beautiful retro-chic inspired interiors and the open-air setting area will make you feel being in a Parisian café.

The restaurant is perfect for a visit during the day or at night. During the day, Loewy makes the perfect place for a casual lunch or business meeting. As the sun sets, the music picks up and the restaurant becomes a fancy place for a dinner or simply to hang out.

Its eye-catching design and trendy atmosphere make of Loewy a top restaurant to visit in Jakarta.

2Seribu Rasa

“Seribu Rasa”, which means one thousand flavours, is a top contender in Jakarta’s F&B scene for several reasons.

In such a vibrant city, Seribu Rasa’s spacious restaurant provides a great escape for those who want to enjoy some good meals in a calm atmosphere. The restaurant interiors are spectacular with a great view on the well lit garden.

This restaurant is also well known for their food quality with influences from Indonesian, Chinese and Thailand dishes.

Seribu Rasa has some of the most delicious dishes you can find in the city. Do try their Mango Salad which is prepared with the perfect combination of spicy and sour, simply so refreshing. The sate ayam is another of their popular dishes.

Seribu Rasa’s design and its excellent food makes the restaurant a must try in Jakarta.

3Lara Djonggrang

Lara Djonggrang is probably one of the most unique restaurants in Jakarta.

This famous restaurant, part of the Tugu group, is set in a colonial house, stunningly decorated with artefacts from Indonesian tribes.

You will travel in the time while dining in a mystical and romantic atmosphere, a perfect place for a dinner with the loved ones.

Not only for its atmosphere, Lara Djoggrang’s menu is presented in one of the most creative way, offering top quality indonesian dishes, among them Nasi Goreng Desa and Sate Lilit.

Overall, Lara Djonggrang is one of the best restaurant in Jakarta, for its originality and excellent service, you won’t be disappointed!


Many of you have never thought about eating a vegetarian burger, but Burgreens will ensure that your first experience won’t be your last.

As the name says it, Burgreens offers vegetarian burgers and other types of vegetarian food, using only organic ingredients. The owners are environmentally conscious, and this is perfectly reflected in the design of the restaurant surrounded by lots of greeneries and flowers.

Do try their Mini Trio Burger, a meal with 3 small burgers filled with beans, mushrooms and spinach chickpeas respectively. Each bite tastes heavenly, and at the end, all you meat lovers out there will have to admit that vegetarian burgers can be surprisingly tasty too!

Burgreens is the best place in town for a hearty and healthy meal, and to fill your tummy without feeling guilty. Definitely one of our most favorite places to dine in town!

5Bakmi GM

When you’re in town and thinking about trying some of the most popular local dish, Bakmi GM is your answer.

Bakmi GM offers a range of options from rice to noodles, and the most legendary dish they have on their menu is their Pangsit Goreng (fried wanton). Pangsit Goreng is a homemade noodle that is served dry with minced chicken or fried wanton at the side, and a small serving of soup. This dish is so delicious and popular, you will not meet any locals who haven’t tried it yet.

Having outlets all around Jakarta, you can easily taste their Pangsit Goreng and understand why it is the most beloved Jakartan dish. Selamat makan!

6Namaaz Dining

Namaaz Dining stands out from Jakarta’s culinary industry being the first to offer molecular gastronomy.

Hidden in Kebayoran Baru, Namaaz Dining offers to its guests a 17-courses meal smartly crafted which will awake your palate.

These menu changes every 6 months, promising an even more exciting menu the following season.

Namaaz offers a totally different level of dining experience. You will be blown away by the way these meals are presented, and even more as you taste them. Do remember to place a reservation as this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Located in the corner of the upscale Plaza Senayan, Union is an American style brasserie that’s been widely popular since its first opening in 2012.

During the day, Union offers a wide selection of Indonesian and Western inspired lunch menus. The must try is their Red Velvet Cake signature. This dark red cake is baked to perfection, with each bite leaving you with its addictive taste that will remain in your mind.

In the evening, the restaurant has a new face with dimmed lights and music, making it a cozy place for a night of dinner and drinks.

Do visit Union for some delicious bakery. Be prepared to wait, as the place tends to get crowded during the weekends.


E&O is one of the Jakarta’s favourite restaurants for expats and chic locals, which can be explained by their carefully selected menu of Asian Fusion food.

E&O (Eastern and Oriental) is a vibrant place offering a great mix of cultures through its fusion food, but also for its trendy crowd and atmosphere.

It is recommended to share dishes in small plates so you’ll get to experience the unique flavours they offer, with each dish being sensational. You must try as main dishes the Belly pork with tamarind sauce, the Lamb Shank Mamasan Curry, or the fish in its soya sauce. As for dessert, the Tiramisu Mango is worth a try!

Check out their Happy Hours, and cocktails which are also well concocted.

9Three Buns

Also known by many the best burger joint in town, Three Buns is a must visit for all meat lovers and real juicy gourmet burgers.

Since its opening, Three Buns has become the favourite place of many, offering artist buns and slow cooked homemade sauce.

Also popular feature is their innovative sides, with the most popular being their Naughty Fries. These special fries are served with beef chilli, spiced béarnaise, crispy shallots and parmesan. The resulting combination is heavenly! And this is probably why they call it “naughty” because you’d probably won’t feel like you had enough!

Three Buns is located in Senopati, inside a greenhouse away from the busy city. Definitely a refreshing experience!


Monolog is our Sunday morning favourite to enjoy a good cuppa and a tasty breakfast.

Located in Pondok Indah Mall and Plaza Senayan, Monolog caters to the early risers as they are open from 7AM. Apart from their quality coffee, Monolog offers a good range of all day breakfast menu and wide selection of pastries.

This chic café is also very cozy, perfect for a day of catching up, relaxing or recovering from a hangover. Do give it a shot!